Sunday, 24 September 2017

Oh snap!

Hah! Its not often im first in line, but waking up early on a sunday morning and having all my FAL list done and dusted means im first to link up. Quietly chuffed at that 😀

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Another FAL2017Q3 finish!

Oh my giddy aunt! Another finish????? Yep this is number 3 from my list of proposed finishes for Q3
I dont really do improv or wonky so this is my best effort! I had these batiks left over and really loved them so wanted to use them to  make a mosaic type block or quilt. I wanted to remind myself of our holiday in Barcelona and all of the Gaudi gorgeousness!
So then the guild proposed an improv mini challenge and this was born. The pattern is Mod mosaic quilt blocks by Elizabeth Hartman. This is about as wonky as this very linear librarian can get :-)

Sewing day

I made a backpack!!!! Pandas natch, c'mon, it had to be. Pattern - Keepsake ring back pack by Sew Sweetness. I used up ALL the panda fabric ... well no of course not! I still may have some panda fabric left .... i wanted a small more handbag sized backpack i can use when i dont want my full work backpack.
But you know the best thing? The BEST thing ever? I now have a new sewing group. A laid back chilled, no agendas no bee blocks just rock up and do your own thing sewing group.
Im just so happy, when i moved down here in 2000 i had no network down here, just split upmy marriage, late 30s, concentrating on work and rebuilding my life. Sometimes now i look back and see how far i have come.
I dont make chums easily, im a friendly person but i am your classic introverted extrovert, or vice versa 😊 So i take my time getting to know folks, its just the way i am and im happy with it. Plus working 60 miles away from where i stay and also not having children means the normal routes to making connections are not there. So i have struggled at times to rebuild a network of chums.
So thats why i love instagram and twitter, random conversations end up with a fabulous sewing day! Kim - @kmj_creations suggested booking a village hall in Killearn which is 45 mins from me. A few more conversations later and 12 of us rock up, sew a storm, eat cake and generally have a laugh!
Even better? We now have two more days booked. 

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Zippy tray - another FALQ3 finish!

Whoop whoop! Another finish from my FAL Q3 proposed finishes number 2 in fact! I have had the zippy tray pattern by Aneela Hoey for ages and always wanted to try it but never got round to it. I also had some of this William and Kate wedding fabric left over, i bought it because it was pretty not because i have an huge Royalist leanings! But i have a lovely chum who is a huge Royal family fan, she already has a table runner in this fabric but its her birthday and i wanted to use up the last of it for her present. I loved the pattern, i got a bit confused at one bit but stopped and read every word, that usually helps! Love it but had no idea it was so huge!!!


I love a sew along, a recent one on IG was all about pincushions, prompted me to make this liberty one, using up scraps, i adore the acid green in this.
I was even so bold as to try something with the selvedges i have been saving up, now im addicted, love using them.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Cold toes and wet bum

It's been a bit of a week, one of those weeks you bend over backwards to help someone but they just take the piss. So to clear my head of all that nonsense I will remind myself of my favourite place on earth and dousing my poor sair joints to ease the pain 😊

Och now that's all better isn't it! 

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Gartmore and mahoosive liberty quilt

I loves a Gartmore weekend, so when there were some space on a weekend with the lovely Tatyana and her guild chums i snapped it up.
What to do? What to make .... 
well i took the plunge and broke into the liberty ...I have been sitting on a pattern for a medallion quilt from a supplement from Todays Quilter, its by Susan Brisco. 

Whoof, i love working with Liberty but it took a bit of getting used to. But I do love how it is turning out. Still got a few more frames to go to finish it but im learning to slow down.

 So this is where it is at just now, im content to put it away while I work on other more urgent stuff- eeeeeekkkkkk Stitchgathering anyone ......

Budsmam does Orkney

We loved Orkney, what a fabulous holiday, truly chill out. Some highlights.
Skara brae
This dinner service was used by Captain Cook, it was on display in the house beside Skarra Brae.
Ring of Brodgar
Floor tiles in St Magnus Cathedral
Wireless museum
To be honest there are over 450 pictures in my flickr album from this trip, I cant really choose which ones to put in! Ill leave it with the groovy Biba chick!

Little wuns

New chums! Awww just how cute are these? Do you follow @bettisstitches on IG? She makes the cutest little animals ever. I ordered a mouse from her, then also fell in love with a Llama, she fell in love with the wolly pigs we saw in Orkney and Bob wolly pig was born. They now all reside in the sewing room with mini Bud who is busy prodding me with a big stick to make them liberty bean bags!
Spot the difference!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Ower Scoobs

For some reason bloglovin seems to think all my posts are from 48 years ago?? Some weird thing happening there! So this is just really to test and see what's going on?
But it's also to celebrate my husband, Ower Scoobs (he does a mean Scooby Doo impersonation)
I just simply couldn't do this without him. Here he is spending his Sunday afternoon putting up a chandelier in the sewing room because he knew it would make me smile. And it did.
When it became apparent in May this year that my aches and pains could not be wished away as menopause side effects, this was the birthday card he gave me. He is quite simply the loveliest of men. My Scoobs.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Woodland quilt along

So apparently I'm in the prednisone holiday ... A lovely physio at work has been so kind and given me so much advice. It will take months to see if the methotrexate works. Meanwhile the prednisone gives me a holiday ... From the pain 😂😂😂 I will find out if the methotrexate works when the prednisone wears off and if the pain comes back .... If it comes back they try something else. Ach I can do this, I'm sure as hell not waiting around feeling sorry for myself. Watching a good chum loose the battle gives you so much perspective. No time for feeling sorry here, there is life to be lived.
All advice on quilting has made me think that mainly small with a little large is the way forward, with that in mind I'm picking up this again!
So on a scale of 1-10 how stinking cute are these 😊 I'm playing along with the tartan kiwi woodland 2 quilt along on IG. I have these all done, now want to make the smaller first quartet to finish using my my zen chic globe fabric.