Monday, 13 November 2017

Thistle patch retreat 2017

Sooo, this happened! Blimey it has been the year of the retreat chez budsmam! I knew when i saw Katy publicising her very first Thistle patch retreat that it would be a good un and it was! I booked this up way back in february i think. I loved the fact we could pay by installments, very convenient.
And who the heck could resist a retreat in this stunning part of Scotland??      
You get the picture! Set in the stunning location between Onich and Corran the Inchree chalets were perfect. 
One of the things i loved about the retreat was the relaxed optional classes, enough supplies for them all but you could do your own thing as well.
Catering was provided by Katys fabulous assistants who did us proud. We provided our own alcoholic beverages 😊 
The windowsil of gin 😊
My chalet, i blame my roomie, Catrin ....
Oh yes i had another companion ....
Yup, mini Bud went on his first retreat!
He made chums with lovely Jack
My new sewing machine mat was put to good use
There were classes, pincushion with foldy flaps, I now love Kam snaps !
Pouches, I made a trio
New York beauty, this will become something special I think.
I worked on my snowball twist quilt made with Zen chic true blue layer cake
The lovely organiser, Katy

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Walk on by

Doesnt it just! Its been a funny old weekend, a good one but a funny one. I wasnt surprised to find some snark on facebook, i seem to expect it there, but instagram?? Hey ho, not everyone can understand why your knitted doggie has his own account ....

Anyhoo after much rumination i have decided to cope with this in true budsmam fashion, sticking two digits up at the world and walking on by 😊😊

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

First finish! FAL Q4

You know that thing when you are scrolling through your photos and you realise you did your first finish of Q4 and hadnt noticed!!! Yup - that.

No.3 on my list was to make a mini sewing machine in liberty, i did this as my entry for the mini competition at the last Gartmore retreat.
Gertie the Gartmore sheep approves 😀 first tick for Q4

Little wuns

I feel as if I'm just drawing breath at the moment what a helter skelter year 2017 has been .... It seems the world has gone crazy, for a news junky like myself I never thought I would see the time when I would avoid all newspapers, to etc. It's just all too mad just now. Work has finally calmed down and I can look back and think bloody hell, I actually did a fab job in crazy circumstances .... Hey ho I'm just grateful I have a job I (mostly) ! love! 
Friends too, they ebb and flow, pop in and out of your life but that's ok, we can all give and take in different measures at different times and that's cool.
It's weird when you feel your body changing from within, something you thought was a constant sudden isn't. It's ok, bit freaky to begin with but you either go with the flow or the current drags you under and I'm a more go with the flow kind of person!
So let's catch up with some happy happy memories.
I love @bettisstitches she is just the most adorable person and makes the most amazing creatures! So when I was meeting up with the lovely Lynz and Ms Poppins I had to have my tiny creatures meet Lynz tiny creatures!
So Wooly Bob, Mhari the mowse and Lloyd the llama met up with their tiny chums in Alloa, how damn cute are this group!!
Fun and friendship are what's it's all about, those are constants we can rely on!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Gartmore mon amour

Check me out channeling my inner Greta Garbo 😂😂😂 third time to Gartmore this year and another fab weekend with quilty chums. Gartmore you never fail, good food, good company and gin, life really doesn't get any better.
Ok .... As well as gin there was wine 😊 Just to lubricate the vocal cords you know ....
Having recently been to the rheumatology physio who told me I could still jog a little bit I took the opportunity to get up early go for a little run/jog - fabulous!
I took along the mahoosive Liberty quilt to work on .... Memo to self don't blether/chat/drink alcohol when working on such a big and complex project ..... I had to unpick all the borders back to the flying geese and do a bit of nifty sewing to remake it .... My own fault, having too much fun and not paying attention 😊
How cute is this! Gertie the Gartmore sheep! I had to buy her, so many happy memories at Gartmore and gertie reminds me of them every day.
Sheena did us proud as ever organising a mini competition and quiz, here was my mini.
What a funky pair of dudes we are, me and Sheena with our fab shoes 😍
Gertie suddenly sported s rather gorgeous Liberty scarf! Now who would be sweet enough to do that for me?? Only the sooper luffly Ruth that's who 😊 Thank you Ruth an even nicer reminder of a lovely weekend.
Don't worry Gartmore I'll be back 😊

Friday, 20 October 2017

Jenny Haynes a weekend with Pappersaxsten

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd breathe, 😊 budsmam towers has been busy with a humungous Senior Fellowship application for the higher education academy. All very worthwhile etc etc but its taken up my sewing time 😱😱😱😱😱 also taken up my time to reflect on all the fun stuff which has been happening *tuts* So lets catch up and remember the fun stuff.
The fun stuff kicked off on the friday night with steak chips and wine with lovely Ruth, i call her lovely Ruth because she simply is lovely. We try to have a meal before any evening talks and i cant think of a nicer way to kick things off. 
How fab is this lady?? The sooper fab Jenny Haynes @pappersaxsten. 
Jenny came up for a weekend in Edinburgh, giving a talk on the friday night a class at Mybearpawcraft on the saturday and a class for the Edinburgh Modern Quilt guild on the sunday. What a fab talk and as with all our speakers its the chance to see some amazing quilts up close and personal. Love this one, especially as the amazing honeycomb quilting was done by the fabulous Tatyana Duffie.
Can you see the sooper fab Ruth @fallingshoes peeping out?? She was on door duty. Cuddliest fluffiest bouncer ever 😊
This was it, this was the quilt i wanted to make. The one which stopped me in my tracks when i first saw it online.
So, onto sunday where i pulled out some cute fabric and deployed Jennys wonderful templates. What a fab technique!
I managed to get heaps done in the class and then finished off the quilt at a Gartmor weekend, but thats another story 😊

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Stitch gathering 2017

It all started so innocently ... with a Prosecco party  😊 lovely new addition to the Stitch gathering festivities! 
Look at Robins face, says it all! The now traditional pre gathering meal at Jamies Italian. Sitting across from me were these two lovelies, Lucy and Sandra, much laughter.
My name tag from lovely Jenny @patchworkmummy, it even had a cute wee needle minder in it, liberty capel as well! Cant beat liberty capel.
My lovely postcard from Catherine @knottedcotton poor Catherine was unwell and didnt manage on the day, hope youre feeling better now, i love my postcard.
 All of the postcards were amazing.
 My morning class, sewing mat with Julie Rutter @blackisleyarns
Lunchtime my minis from @bettistitches had a meet up with the lovely George Clooney pig who loves with @cat_haggart
Afternoon class with the ever fabulous Trudi Wood
And the best bit?? Meeting up with this gorgeous lady @lovenatalieuk as gorgeous in person as she is on instagram 😊 
Lastly but not least a HUGE shout out to the sponsors who always make this the goody bag capital of sewing retreats.
Thank you SO much - Aurifil, Nairns oatcakes, Dear Stella, Todays Quilt and Love patchwork, DMC, Duck egg threads, Michael Miller, Cloud 9 fabric, Blend fabric, Free spirit fabric, Lewis and Irene fabric, sewing quarter, and Dashwood studio. But most of all thank you Jo Avery - Mybearpaw, the stitch gathering is always the highlight of my quilty calendar.