Thursday, 12 January 2017

FAL2017 Q1

So 2017! Let's go for it! No faffing about straight in with the first finish along list of the year.  I don't often put embroidery, cross stitch on but I really really love the Pretty little city designs from Satsuma Street, so let's get this Pretty Little Italy done, I have many many more to go!
This is a wedding gift , all it needs is bound, no excuse here!
A roll over from last year but it's further on, just needs layered up, quilted etc etc.
Clamshell Liberty, my hand sewing is slooooooooow, let's knock this one off eh?
I'm in a swap for these 4.5 inch economy blocks, I have a bazillion of them, need to make them into something!
Eeeekkkkk! This should be top of list, baby quilt made with patter from Pam and Nicky lintott. Baby due in April, plenty time ...
Hmmmm should be further up list, bee blocks from siblings together quilt bee, need to be made into a quilt!
Eh dear another roll over, but again moved on a bit, just needs etc etc 😊
Yep, another roll over! A mini sew together bag for a chum with these fabrics, no excuse get a move on budsmam!
Right FAL2017, bring it on sunshine! *rolls up sleeves*

Monday, 26 December 2016

Best five of 2016

I love a linky party and love the idea of picking my best five of 2016! No surprise at what is no1. It just has to be the silk quilt, six years in the making. Pattern from Pauline Ineson, How to make an heirloom quilt.  
No. 2 my Kaffe Fassett lone star quilt. The bright colours cheered me up after working on a dull quilt.

No.3 has to be the Sisters 10 from the books, Sisters samplers by Anne Marie Chany. Bold bright and beautiful, I love the symmetry of this.

No.4 has to be my mini quilt for my mini knitted doggie! 12x3 inch embroideries framed by happy 30s fabrics.

No.5 last but certainly not least will be my Christmas cathedral Windows cushion, complete with panda snowmen.

Linking too Best of 2016

Stitch gathering house quilt! Another FAL Q4 finish!

We are storming through the FALQ4 list!! This one went on the FALQ4 list LQ4 list because I really wanted to get it done and sent off to Siblings together. I was delighted when Jo asked me to take away some of the fabulous ticket 'house' blocks made for this years Stitchgathering.   
There was a lot of green in the house blocks so I bought some plain green fabric for sashing. A nice sunny yellow for corner stones and off we go!
Right that it's done and dusted ready to send off to siblings together and ticked off the FALQ4 list!

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Hexies, another FAL Q4 finish

This was an after thought to the FAL list for Q4 when I was tidying out the patchwork room I came across all these hexies flowers I made ages ago. I do love paper piecing but tendon and shoulder issues mean I can't really do too much hand stuff so I don't think I will be making any more of these.  
  Soooo let's use them up! Simple machine applique onto plain white fabric and we are good to go. 
I made the back from a Corie Dantini panel I won in a raffle plus some orphan blocks and pieces of frozen fabric I had left over.
This isn't big enough for a siblings together quilt but will make a lovely Linus one I think. 

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Mini quilt for mini Bud

Another tick off the Q4 FAL list from here 
I bought this mini pattern when I was in Paducah two years ago, the stand was gorgeous lots of fun little retro quilts. I bought another one for a Scottie dog quilt to use up my 30s repro dog fabrics.
It need twelve little three inch square hand embroideries, for over a year now I have had two embroideries done and needed to get a wiggle on with the rest. Perfect for a FAL project!
I took it up when visiting my mam and got cracking, aided by a lovely cheering squad on Instagram.
Here is the finished quilt, all ready to keep mini Bud nice and snug.
Mini Bud has quite a few quilts this is the Scottie dog one.
This one I made while I was sick, all hand sewn, couldn't do that now! This was when big Bud was still alive, wouldn't have been big enough for him!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Siblings together December block

Hello, it's my turn for Decembers siblings together block. I would like a very simple and quick Greek cross block please! In the above colours. Creams/neutrals for the surround and bright cheery blues for the center and corners. The corners can be scrappy they can be all the same or you can do them in two different colour ways as I have done above. 
This was inspired by a work trip to Athens earlier this year. I went up to the Acropolis on my last day and was so moved by the wonderful cream stone and the blue sky.
This gave me the idea for doing the Greek cross in these colours.
So cheery blues for center cross and outer corners. Cream, neutrals for surround. Oh yes the pattern! Here is a great pattern from 
It's pretty straightforward but let me know if there are any questions. I know it's a busy time in December so there is absolutely no hurry for these, very happy to wait. One block would be perfect but if you could do two that would be fab.
Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Dugald Stewart a life in books

In s previous life I was a rare books librarian .... Rock n roll! I loved it every minute. I did my masters thesis on the Library of Dugald Stewart an 18th century Scottish philosophe and mathematician. Fascinating man.  Anyhoo to my eternal shame he lived for a large part of this life not far from me. I have never been there till last weekend! And it is beautiful, Kinneil estate near Bo'ness.

The inventor James Watt also live there and he and Dugald knew each other.


It's taken me a while but I will be back.